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You may use the caterer of your choice or your family may do the meal. We do not have an in-house caterer.

Do you have an in-house caterer or can we use a caterer of our choice?

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Are there kitchen facilities available?

Beau Lodge Kitchen

A large kitchen is available which includes two refrigerators, an oven, microwave and a dishwasher.

Are there dressing rooms for both brides and grooms?

The bride's dressing room includes an adjacent bathroom with a Japanese soaking tub. There is a separate dressing room for the groom.

Groom's Dressing Suite
Bridal Dressing Suite
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Yes, there are two indoor bathrooms available for use down the hall from the Great Room.

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Are there indoor bathrooms available for guests?

Does your venue have parking available?

There is a large parking area that can accomodate up to 200 guests.

Beau Lodge Parking Area

What is your pet policy?

You may bring a beloved pet! Many couples like to include a pet in their ceremony. 


Do you allow alcohol?

You may serve beer, wine or champagne at your event.

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Do you help with event set-up?

We have staff who will help with this if requested.

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How close are overnight accomodations?

There are two hotels as well as Air B&B's within 10 minutes of our Lodge.


How close are you to nearby airports?


SeaTac International Airports is 2 hours aways and Bellingham Airport is 45 minutes away.

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