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Our Facilities

Beau Lodge and the 70 acre grounds are ideal for events both indoor and/or outdoor. Our grounds have many locations for the celebration of your event and parking areas are provided.


Events you can host at Beau Lodge include:

  • Weddings

  • Day Retreats

  • Family Reunions

  • Birthdays

  • Baby/Wedding Showers

  • Memorials

Just off the banquet room there are two large, covered deck areas as well as a covered gazebo "stable." There is a full sized kitchen to accommodate large parties.

You may rent or bring additional equipment. If you are interested in having equipment delivered, please arrange all activities within rental times.


  • Summer/Spring: 150 - 200 guests

  • Fall/Winter: 75 - 100 guests


  • 9am - 11pm

  • 9 - 5 ft. round tables

  • 13 - 6 ft. rectangular tables

  • 150 chairs

  • 2 - 42 cup coffee maker

  • 3 quart punch bowl

  • 150 place settings silverware (i.e., knife, fork, and spoon)

  • 150 dinner plates

  • 150 cake plates

  • 100 mugs


"A garden is not a place: it is a passage, a passion. We don't know where we're going; to pass through is enough; to pass through is to remain."

Octavio Paz

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