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Property Maps

Maps of Beau Lodge and surrounding grounds


The attraction of the Lodge lies in its ambiance. There are acres of tended grounds with a pond and a fishladder enabling Coho salmon to swim upriver and to spawn in the pond. Wooden bridges allow walks around the pond and stream. There are numerous exotic trees, bushes and flowering plants almost all year round.

The forest and grassland of the Lodge support many different birds and animals. Year round bird species observed include the great blue heron, several types of owl, woodpeckers and numerous species of small birds. Summer resident birds are hummingbirds, barnswallows, thrush, warblers and grosbeaks. Mammals include different kinds of squirrels, beaver, coyote, raccoon, deer, porcupine and the snowshoe hare. Because of the abundance of water, evidence of beaver activity is easy to find.

17581 Wood Road, Bow, Washington 98232


  • SeaTac - 1 1/2 hour drive

  • Bellingame - 35 minutes

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